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Friday, November 25, 2011

Silly Pony!

This week I was going to tell you all about my lovely neighbours and how great neighbours were a FTF for me  BUT I have changed my mind and will do that next time as this weeks FTF is this....

I am not usually a drinker but this week I was sick and my lovely husband brought home a six pack of Guinness for the restorative properties we all know it has.  After you see the next series of photos you will know why I was glad that he had....

This is what happens when a naughty little pony climbs inside the hay feeder to get to the last skerrick of hay left and then turns around to come back out and gets his big fat butt caught between the panels....

He dragged the hay feeder about 50ft before it came apart and he collapsed onto the ground....

Luckily my lovely neighbours also heard the noise and came over to help and I ran to the house to get the sedative.  It is hard to get it in the right place when the horse is upside down.  While we were trying to figure out what to do Raven relaxed and moved a bit and my neighbour was able to wriggle the hay feeder over the pony's hip bone and he was free. Nothing wrong, no broken bones, no torn skin, only a bitten tongue for being greedy....

Goodness this little man has come along way from when I first rescued him.  He was so trusting, he calmly waited for me to help him out of his mess and afterwards carried on eating grass like nothing at all had happened to him....

I on the other hand needed this....

See Guinness is good for you, for the strength of course     ;-)

More Favourite Things Friday over here and have a great weekend everyone.  I hope all our friends across the pond had a lovely Thanksgiving.


  1. What a naughty little guy! Glad he's okay. Never a dull moment, huh? Umm...I'm all for using whatever it takes for strength. Looks as if you have the right remedy. ☺ Happy FTF!

  2. Oh what a naughty cheeky rascal. Glad no harm was done. Go the beer. I'm also enjoying one tonight, although not guiness. Enjoy xx

  3. Oh my goodness!! That is amazing that he was able to relax enough for you to help him. That really does show the amount of work you have done. Way to go Jenni!!!

  4. Silly billy Raven!I'm so glad he's alright. I can see why guiness was needed!

  5. That's one determined pony! Poor little fella. Im so glad it all had a happy ending.

    I would have been hitting the bottle too!

  6. Not a drinking woman myself, which would leave me at a great disadvantage in this situation. I was driving by some friends' pasture and saw their young horse who had cast himself and caught his legs in the panels. Couldn't get up. I stopped the car and climbed the fence and stood there trying to figure out how to get his legs free - then finally realized I could take the panels apart and pull them away from him. If you can put a needle into his jugular when he's distressed and so are you - you, my dear, are an ace!!!

  7. Sorry to hear you have been sick. I hope you're all well again now. What a bit of excitement your naughty pony gave you! I'm glad it all worked out well. xx

  8. Oh my goodness. What a predicament! He looks none the worse off for it though. I personally LOVE a Guinness on a red hot sunny day - slips down a treat!

  9. OMG, I can see why you were sick. When I saw that first picture, wow. Glad he was okay .. and that you've recovered too.

  10. Oh poor Raven....I'm like that about tim tams. LOL! I am so glad he is ok. My SIL loves a Guiness and like you he swears it is good for what ALES you!!

  11. ahhaha.. Guinness would be a start after that. Your like the horse whisperer Jenni !

  12. What a wonderful story, I'm smiling! I'm relieved the little naughty boy is o.k. what a determined fellow he is! Vanessa xxx


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