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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A bit of a LAUGH

Not too much crafting going on these days   :-(

Tomorrow is HUMP day, I have loads of bookwork to catch up on from when the boys were on holidays and feeling in need of a laugh went searching on Pinterest,

I found these images which made me smile....

Be nice with your comments here please   ;-)

I would know I was dreaming if Billy ever said that!

Yep Dreaming..... Horses AND wool!

I know how she feels.....sigh!

You have no idea how true this is!   :-)

LOVE this....  Earl Grey with a dash of milk please.

And I must add this one to my collection one day don't you think?   What style!   She doesn't care what anyone thinks!

Such fun that Pinterest!    

So many ideas and so little time.....Shame, but it is fun to collect, maybe one day?   (i'll just add it to my list!)     :-)


  1. Pinterest worries me a little bit on the basis of seeming to throw intellectual property rights to the wind - sometimes you can't even trace something back to its birthmother at all. And it seems such an invitation to copy without permission. At least the artists' names should be required on the pictures. The worst part about it, of course, is its Etsy-like propensity to make me WANT to make things or buy things. Looking at all the luscious ideas makes me as anxious as a souped-up car at a red light in the middle of town.

    The sentiments expressed in these things you've harvested - oh, yeah. That tatoo cracked me up. If you added knitting needles to the Buddah-guy, I bet he'd actually be very pleased. And I understand all about the stabbing bit. The mug would be perfect for my neighbor across the street - she needs to add knit bombing to her Harley-Davidson time.

    Okay - now you've waked me up. Time to go out and feed the horses. I keep all my hay twine against the day that there's no more wool to knit.

    1. You best be crafting some pretty big needles, too!

    2. You're right. Oh, shoot. Now I'm going to have to buy some of those big suckers!!

  2. Those are too funny! Thanks for posting. Made me smile. I'm day 2 in my jammies..... waiting for The SM to come and tell me he thinks I'm sexy. :)

  3. You've cracked me up!!! I love them all. I saw a badge that said "I quilt so I don't kill you" which is similar to one of those, I love that saying. Enjoy your paperwork... hope you get it done in no time...

  4. I'm a collector of them too. Have you seen the Wii Knitting game on pinterest
    The kids just got a Wii game so found this one quite funny.

  5. Love them all, a great start to the day, thanks for sharing them.
    I love Rachael's quote too!

  6. I just started knitting...mostly so that I can make cute little animals like Lucy, but first, I am making a hat on circular needles! I'm not looking to tattoo anything just yet!

  7. Oh gosh, I love the second one. What about if you're on the couch in your pyjamas for four days in a row? Still sexy? I promise I've showered and swapped pyjamas in between!!

    And Love the tatt! That is very awesome!

    Hope you get to escape from the bookwork for a bit of crafting soon.

  8. "I knit, so I don't have to stab people"..............



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