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Friday, January 20, 2012

Favourite Things Friday and Lucy

School holidays are almost over and I am finally able to join in with FTF again.

I just loved this but if I was that horse I would have bitten him....

Pop over to Shay's for more favourite Friday things and if you haven't been keeping up with Lucy Rabbit's  Blog then go have a look at her in West Virginia!


  1. Oh my word! That horse that does that, that, THAT LEAP THING!!!!

    Jerks! I thought they were putting the sugar cubes in their pockets because they were sneaking them for their horses............. :)

  2. I caught another film after that one, the Silke Valentin one. And I cried. Wow. Those Lippizaners (sp) are so beautiful. So very beautiful - all stallions. I wouldn't play with their sugar at all myself.

  3. I would have bitten him too! Love those horses.

  4. I've seen those horses in real life action. They really are quite amazing.

    Yep- I would have bitten him too.

    Loved this ad Jenni!

    Enjoy the relative peace and quiet of a school holiday free zone.

  5. I think I would have bitten him too.

  6. Oh. That made me cry. White horses have a tendency to do that to me since we lost Griffen. But I do see that it is a clever ad.

    Littlest just watched it too. She chirped, "Griffen! Four Griffens!". Now I need to go get some tissues.


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