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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lucy's Travels

She certainly knows how to arrive in style!

Head over HERE to see what Lucy has been getting up to with her latest host.  She has been having such fun!


  1. Now Jenn - seriously - when you let Lucy talk you into this trip, did you take into consideration the weird religious influences that she was going to run into??? I mean - first LDS people. Then Hanukkah? Now that she's learned to play dreidel and make latkes, what if she starts hanging out at the local corner dreidel parlors, whiling away her time and getting fat on her winnings????

  2. Oh Kristen seriously??? You're worried about Lucy hangin' with the LDS and Jewish folk? Jenn is just lucky I'm not sending Lucy back in trashy heels, a tie dye t-shirt, leather pants, a pierced belly button, dreadlocks, and carrying a hookah!! :D

    I think I was pretty tame with her..... Just sayin........ I could have REALLY given her culture shock!

  3. Lucy has done more different things in her short life than I have. I'm jealous. Wish I could jump in a box and follow her around.

  4. Hmmm Rachel that sounds like where she lives normally ;-)

  5. Happy new year! hope its healthy exciting and filled with laughs and good times!:)x


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