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Friday, February 10, 2012

Favourite Things Friday

 I had a little help around here today....

 and some quality control....

  ok both PJ legs are the same  :-)

How could you resist a little face like that?

Joining Mrs P for Favourite Things Friday 


  1. Elephant pyjammies! I am in love! And with those gorgeous kitties as well :)

    I bought that fabric in spotty but mine is in orange. I didn't see the blue, so would have got that instead!

  2. Oh Jenni, how beautiful your cats are, is this a new little one? He looks like our Charlie did when he was a kitten.
    xo xo

  3. That face and those PJs. Favorites indeed. You've brightened up my day already.

  4. Congratulations on getting both legs going the same way . I kinda love the other pj's too though - they have real personality.

    My helpers must roll on and inspect every square inch of fabric I use in just the same way your babies do.

  5. Oh Elephant Jim Jams how very cute as is your 'quality control officer'. Glad you got the tick of approval and it turned out purr-fectly.

  6. That Megsie is a cutie patootie! And so very cat like!

  7. Cute pjs and a really cute kitty!

  8. Elephant Pyjamas with a kitten trim, very stylish!! You must be happy the elephants are facing to right way. I heard that tortoiseshell cats bring good luck, and yes, Megsy is about as cute as they come!

  9. What cuties! The PJs are really cool too!


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