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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Hindsight is 20/20

Yesterday I put down my complicated socks that I have been knitting and cranked up the sewing machine.  I had bought some lovely Retro Fabric from Spotlight ages ago with the intention of making some pretty snazzy new Pyjamas.

I did everything correctly, just like my mum taught me. Even if I did have to ring her and check that I was doing it right (thanks Mum  xx )  My brain has a lot of trouble thinking back to front especially when it comes to sewing....

- pre washed and ironed the fabric 
- made a pattern from my 'old faithfuls' which I realised are now 10yrs old, no wonder they were getting a bit thin in the seat!
- ironed and pinned all the seams
- zig-zag the raw edges ( no overlocker here )
- proper waistband for the elastic
- even figured out how to add the extra length of fabric on the legs so there were no raw seams inside.  I even went to the extra trouble to make sure both those pieces were the same so that they wouldn't look mis-matched!

                     (sorry for the blurry photo)

Ta Dah!   Don't you just love that fabric.

Now can you see where I went wrong?  

Bugger and some other tasteful expletives were used when I realised!     They are still cool PJ's though and I love them   :-)

* for those of you who are not fabulous quilters and couldn't pick the mistake I didn't cut and turn the back piece of fabric before I cut the pattern so one leg has the elephants UPSIDE DOWN!   I kinda like it that way now because I don't have to turn my head to look at the cuteness.  The next pair  will be better  ;-)


  1. My first thought was the way you've made them makes it easier for you to see the elephants. I love the big blue cuff part in contrast to the red. I got some of that fabric, its very cute. Little Megsie is the star of your blog these days.

  2. Elephants right way up or not, they still look comfy and I'm sure they are!

  3. That's funny. I'm chuckling out loud for that one. Accidental as it may be it makes your PJs all the more fabulous because now you get to see the elephants the right way up. Good on you for noticing too... one of the first things I made when I started sewing was cut upside down. I only recently noticed!!!

  4. Since you're on the other side of the world and I'm looking at you upside down anyway, your pj's look perfect to me!!!Great job, my friend,loving the nellies!
    ps I gave up on the socks too, what a pallaver!
    Have a great week, Jenni. x

  5. I think they are AWESOME half upside down! What a design feature :D Much better viewing for you!! lol

  6. Love the pants !!! I once cut 3 pairs of pants, but ended up with 6 of the same leg. Had to buy more fabric. Son went to playgroup in pants with one blue leg and one green leg. He claims he is still scarred.

  7. Yep- I picked it ...but only because I've done stuff like that myself once or twice. Still think you're rocking the pj's there anyway!

  8. I didn't even spot what was wrong. I am getting the "wanties" for a kitten.............

  9. Jammies are cool, but the coolest part is the great set of antennae that you seem to have sprouted!

  10. I was just thinking - most of the elephants are looking down - but the smart ones are looking up at you. And they are very cheery and fabulous pjs. My bad words aren't as colorful as yours, but they are just as heartfelt, I promise. Nana Go-go made me laugh and so did racheldaisy. I figured out how to take a pattern off favorites when I was in college, then I forgot about it. Now I think about all the beloved clothes given away or thrown away - and I could have remade them, dang it. And I didn't even see the antennae till Donna pointed them out - she has such a great sense of the absurd! Comes of knowing so many children.

  11. Okay, first of all.. the socks! I've set mine aside too. It is becoming quite apparent that my socks are going to fit Big Foot! They are huge!!!! Trying to decide what to do.......

    Way cute pj pants. They remind me of some I made. I was with my sister and we found this awesome fabric. We laughed so hard when we saw it. Cows laying out in bikinis sunbathing.... too funny. I told her I'd make her some pajama pants out of them. Sewed em up all perfect only to hold them up and realize there was no way in this world they would fit her........ but!! They fit me! :D She teases me to this day about those pajama pants.

    Turning the fabric on one leg is totally something I would do!

    They are cute!!!

  12. Love them... who cares about fabric placement for PJ's! In fact you've inspired me to get out my UFO pyjamas from the guilty box and finish them off!

  13. It took me a good few minutes to spot it so therefore it is not important. I agree anyhow, one leg for you to enjoy, the other for others. The way it should be really!

  14. aahahaha.. do you know I think the upside-down elephants are the best part because this so suits your quirky offbeat personality that I love about you. They are PERFECT ! ..and yeah I love the fabric, so fun indeed!
    btw ..I do want to see those socks .P


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