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Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Stripes

 I am knitting my second pair of socks for the year.  I know I still haven't finished the first pair, but I have to say I'm getting there....

Here they are in black/white because in reality they are a bright pink colour which is awful to photograph.  It is such a lovely pattern but it does require quite a degree of concentration which means knitting time is limited unless I want to be frogging them a lot.

 So I've started a second pair, after all I have challenged myself to doing 12 pairs in 2012.  They are plain, simple, just round and round we go.

I bought this yummy bunch of Mini Skeins a while ago, all in Autumn colours and they are perfect for this project.  The plan was to make two mismatched stripey socks with the same cuff, heel flap and toe.   Should be easy right!     

 I am now finding out what a control freak I am!   It is so hard to be random about these socks. I started out by looking at all the different skeins and sorting them into two piles (one for each sock) but it was supposed to be mismatched so that was doing my head in.  Now after taking a deep breath,  I just reach into the bowl and whatever comes out is next in line. It has been a real challenge for me to let go of the selection process and trust that the overall effect of random stripes will win over the colour choices in the end.

This is how far I have got.  What do you think?  Are you with me that the randomness will win out in the end?

How about you, are you a control freak like me or do you just let if flow?



  1. Let it flow baby! Let it flow!!! I like the random. It about kills ya though doesn't it? I've several scrappy quilts I've made that about killed me going random on but after they were finished I loved them!!!!

    I've not finished my socks yet.... lame. :D

  2. That does look like a very complicated pattern you've got going on there. It's coming along beautifully though! Good idea to have another plain pair on the go that is easy to pick up and put down whenever.

    I am like you regarding colour randomness, I just can't do it. You are very brave! I'm sure you will grow to love them, even if you look at them at first with one raised eyebrow and a slightly suspicious expression as to their crazy random intentions.

  3. Who knew random would be so hard? I learned to do it when putting up bulletin became so much easier to place things randomly than stressing over straight and perfectly balanced!
    You will love your random socks because you loved all the colors when you chose them and they all look lovely in any combination! Be brave.

  4. Those skeins are beautiful! Where did you get them? And I have never, ever finished a pair of socks in my life. I have actually only ever finished one sock, I finish the heel and then for whatever reason stop, even though the hard part is finished.

  5. Oh, and where did you get the pattern for that top sock? It is lovely.

  6. I do the same thing, finding myself trying to impose order on randomness. but I so LOVE the mix and mismatch - so yeah, i'm with you. The first socks you showed are SO complex and frightening. I'd much rather make a camel. All that little yarn you're using on the random socks - I am LOVIN' the way it's working up! Here's what I learned as a quilter: once I got ALL my fabric, carried it to the living room and threw it on the floor. There it was, all colors and textures and brightnesses thrown down together in a chaotic pile.

    The point was to organize everything into boxes according to color - so I could find the colors that I wanted to use, when I wanted to use them. Here were the two lessons:

    A) when all the colors were on the floor, they grew voices - all singing together like crazy. Demanding that I make something out of all of them together. Looking at them made such a tension, such a sudden need in me to put things together, it made my heart race. like a nervous mother dog, I was.


    B) When I organized things, putting them all in piles then in boxes, suddenly, the energy was gone. With nothing playing against anything else, the energy, the creative burst - all went away.

    So -randomness? Yeah. It's amazing.

  7. I'd be just the same, wanting to control the randomness, but I like how they're looking :D

  8. I love the cabled socks, they're beautiful! Your mismatched socks sound like so much fun as well. I think it's hard to be random, or at least it is for me! I knit a striped Boneyard Shawl a few months ago and decided to randomly vary the stripe widths. I had to use a random stripe generator to help me! Sounds like you're doing well on letting go though!

  9. Now here's the thing: I have started cutting out hexagons for a quilt and I loved the randomness of the fabrics. BUT, I found myself thinking as I stitched the first batch together that "this doesn't go", or "that doesn't go" and it lost its appeal, so now I am going back to random.

    I need to embrace random and love it and see what comes...........

    Love your random sock!:O)))))))))

  10. I'm loving it so far. The colours are delicious. Good on you for letting go control... another reason to love crafting - life's lessons are best learnt over a pair of socks.

  11. Congrats on "winging it". The colors look fantastic. I love variegated yarns, you never know what you're going to get. Although I admit they turn out far different than I had expected!

  12. I love the randomness as much as the those mini skeins .) Those socks would look great with clogs. And *yes* I'm a control freak..ahahaha

    Shame about the other socks because the pattern is pretty but no use knitting something that drives you nuts. A wise decision made me thinks.


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