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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Swap Goodness

I little while ago I joined in with Natural Suburbia's Valentine Swap.  I was lucky enough to be teamed up with the lovely Christina from Fruits of Heart  would you like to see what she sent me?

Of course you would....

Let me just say before the reveal that Christina is a very talented fibre artist and her felt work is extraordinary.  I am so lucky to have been gifted by her.

Beautifully wrapped and look at those heart buttons....

lots of goodies inside...

Christina made the felt for this little purse herself!  and isn't the bookmark gorgeous....

Did you notice the little owl button?  My favourite!  And inside the little purse with the adorable heart button for closure were some pretty special needles, just perfect for sewing in ends and grafting my knitting together....

A little heart trivet for my coffee mug, pattern courtesy of Linda at Natural Suburbia....

And finally my absolute favourite,               'Loving Granny'
Isn't she perfect, just makes you think of all the nice things that come with Grandma's.  
I am amazed at how Christina has made her so alive.  I should have taken a photo of her hair from behind because it is exquisite. All done up in a roll and looks so real.  How does she do that with just felting needles?

Thank you so much Christina for a lovely Valentines Swap parcel.  I feel very spoilt and all of it is treasured.

I had packaged up my parcel and sent it away before I realised that I didn't have any photos (blame the school holidays) but funnily enough I also made a little felt pocket and embroidered it with little felt flowers for Christina and put it in a little organza bag.....great minds think alike  :-)

Finally here is a bit of fun for all you Valentine's Lovers....

Over here we will be having a Birthday so hearts all round for everyone, even if it isn't cool at 11 to have heart on your birthday! (the party is on Friday at the local pool and I have promised not a heart will be in sight)


  1. Swaps are great but even better when all the lovely stuff is handmade. Lucky Duck - everything's lovely. Though I have to just comment that not all Grandmothers have grey hair!(not as long as you can cover it up from a bottle, anyhoo!).Have a great week, Jenni and Best Wishes to the Birthday Boy.

  2. Hearts have always been my favorites. Or one of. There's a feeling about Valentine's hearts left over from my childhood, and I love it, a sort of mystery and dark red and heart -shaped boxes wrapped in clear plastic and tiny, clever surprises. but the heart itself - in doily or felt or thick red paper, is very magical to me. The gifts you received are remarkable and wonderful. And isn't it funny how often what you send (like my felted sweater hedgehog pin cushion) turn out to be oddly the same as the thing you are sent (Shannon's felted hedgehog pincushion).

  3. How fun! And that granny is amazing!!! Incredible.

    Happy birthday to your 11 year old!

  4. Well done, that is a fantastic haul that you received from Christina.
    Happy Birthday to the birthday boy!

  5. I was impressed by the heart button ribbon!! And then Granny came along. Wow!! Very cool indeed!! Happy Birthday to the birthday person!

  6. So much love about. Love the little pockets to hide treasures....

  7. So cute! Love the granny - that is some serious talent.


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