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Monday, March 19, 2012

Yarn Bombing Mystery

This popped up on the internet this weekend and it is truly amazing!  A real work of art and a labour of love, I wonder WHO did it??

"A yarn of Olympic proportions... Mystery knitter attaches 50-yard-long scarf featuring woollen athletes to pier" 

 this was the headline in the Daily Mail Online and HERE is the article by Eddie Wrenn.  Looks like  

Saltburn, in North Yorkshire, has been put on the map!

How long it must have taken to make this....

   2012! The artwork is exquisitely detailed, with cute touches such as the stitched flag shown here

             A woollen weightlifter flexes his muscles on the promenade

                           a gymnast on a pommel horse

Wool-chair athlete: The 'yarnbomber' has ensured that the paralympics are represented among the figures

June 9th 2012  is International Yarn Bombing Day, I can't wait to see what pops up this year.  I am hoping to even have a little plan going myself.   :-)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's raining again...

2012 has been a blur so far and I don't know why because I don't seem to have much to show for it?  I guess it must be because I am a lot busier in the car.  

This year my family commitments have stepped up as my Mother in Law has handed in her licence.  She did well, she is 84!  
I must admit we were all praying that she would hand it in as it was getting a bit scary to see her driving.  Her Doctor strongly suggested that she stop driving in January when she had a check up and we all breathed a sigh of relief when she agreed.  
Not one of us wanted to be the bad guy and tell her it was time ( My SIL and I had dropped lots of hints but they were pointedly ignored).  
I have also been driving for my Sister in Law as she is on pain medication at the moment that prohibits her from driving.  So between the two of them and myself, I seem to be in the car a lot.

                      My sweet boys

The wet season is rolling on and we are now walking thru boggy soggy ground and going everywhere with an umbrella in tow.   My fowl are all waterlogged and the horses are almost knee deep in mud in front of their stables...

There are some amazing fungi growing all over the place, of all different varieties, I love these huge dinner plate sized ones the best...

We might be sick of staying inside and bored with not being able to go outside as much but there is still beauty everywhere you look...

                     the underside of a mushroom

I think this fellow is the only one who doesn't seem to mind the wet season...

 we have goldfish in the water troughs to eat the mosquito larvae  

I have been trying out some new home cooking and making bread with the boys in an effort to keep them entertained and away from the computer.  This week I made a starter for a sourdough.  I made it gluten free so I have no idea whether it will work or not, time will tell.  So far it is looking good and smelling good and if that's anything to go by I will be OK...

Not much to show on the crafty front.  I have four pairs of socks on the go and only one sock finished.  I may be going for a sprint finish at the end of the year if I don't make progress soon!

I have made a pair of fingerless mittens for my market stall.  I won some gorgeous Cascade 220 yarn last year which is lovely to work with and so 'sproingy'.  Sadly it wasn't really my colours so I had been saving it for the right pattern.  These mitts  looked just perfect for a winter in the Tropics.   I'm just finishing up a matching scarf and hopefully someone will fall in love with them.  I have so I am going to have to make some more in my sort of colours. 
These days I don't do my own stall but share a space with a few others which means that if I only have a little to offer that's fine. 

I can hear the rain pelting down outside and overflowing our water tanks and we can practically see the grass growing, at least it is nice and green and there is no risk of bushfire.  Billy just told me there are two cyclones about to develop of our coast and there are already two off the western Australia coast so it looks like this weekend is going to be WET.  I think I will go and look for my snorkel!  

Have a great weekend everyone  :-)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


After my previous post about Lego, this was too good not to share!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Smile


                         Pickled Dutch Bonnet Chillis


Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Sheep Shanty....


This is very clever and you will be humming it for days,  enjoy  :-)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday, March 2, 2012

Favourite Things Friday

Yes Lego! I love everything about Lego (except standing on a little brick that has been left on the floor in the middle of the night)!

My boys are huge fans, in fact that is just about all they play with.

My eldest boy has been receiving a bit of flack at school for being a Lego fan so I went in search of some inspiration for him....

Check these out....

This artwork has been done by Nathan Sawaya, more here....

A Volvo! more here....

Some of you might recognize this stadium? answer here

Did you know that the name Lego was made from a contraction of “leg godt”, which is a Danish phrase meaning “play well”.
Interestingly, “lego” is also a Latin word meaning “to gather or collect”, which is somewhat fitting, giving that I have a whole house full of the stuff....

This was my Valentines present, I totally adore it.....

Ethan has a program for his computer that lets him become a Lego digital designer, LINK here . Its a really cool program and he is designing an island with a few mates from school. They are doing the design on the computer and then building it out of Lego blocks at home. I think they are going to be doing some sort of display which will also have a few links to photos of some awesome Lego creations.

I am very proud of him for rising above the nasty teasing and showing everyone how amazing Lego can be.

I love the way Lego comes in a box all in little pieces and you have to read the instructions and put it all together before you can play with it. I know who I will be asking for help next time I have to put a flatpack together.

I love that the boys play imaginary games all the time and role model with the Lego, such an important stage of growing up that many kids are missing in todays computer society.

Most of all I love that BOTH of my boys play together with the Lego. They share, take turns, listen to the others ideas and generally cooperate with each other so it usually is a nice happy quiet time for both them and me....gotta love that!

This is what your stash pile looks like when all you have wanted for Birthdays and Christmas since you were six is LEGO. Ethan sorted out the boxes prior to finding all the pieces for his project, he has also decided to document the process on his lego blog so keep an eye out for his posts if you are interested.

Now pop over to Mrs P's for more FTF

PS My blogger is misbehaving terribly, I had to go back to the old editor for this post or I can't post at all and I use Bloglovin for my reader which is also playing up and telling me all of you have pornographic material in your blogs???? What the?? Is anyone else having problems? It is not just this computer, its the phone and iPad too. Anyone got any ideas?

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I'm planning too :-)