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Friday, March 2, 2012

Favourite Things Friday

Yes Lego! I love everything about Lego (except standing on a little brick that has been left on the floor in the middle of the night)!

My boys are huge fans, in fact that is just about all they play with.

My eldest boy has been receiving a bit of flack at school for being a Lego fan so I went in search of some inspiration for him....

Check these out....

This artwork has been done by Nathan Sawaya, more here....

A Volvo! more here....

Some of you might recognize this stadium? answer here

Did you know that the name Lego was made from a contraction of “leg godt”, which is a Danish phrase meaning “play well”.
Interestingly, “lego” is also a Latin word meaning “to gather or collect”, which is somewhat fitting, giving that I have a whole house full of the stuff....

This was my Valentines present, I totally adore it.....

Ethan has a program for his computer that lets him become a Lego digital designer, LINK here . Its a really cool program and he is designing an island with a few mates from school. They are doing the design on the computer and then building it out of Lego blocks at home. I think they are going to be doing some sort of display which will also have a few links to photos of some awesome Lego creations.

I am very proud of him for rising above the nasty teasing and showing everyone how amazing Lego can be.

I love the way Lego comes in a box all in little pieces and you have to read the instructions and put it all together before you can play with it. I know who I will be asking for help next time I have to put a flatpack together.

I love that the boys play imaginary games all the time and role model with the Lego, such an important stage of growing up that many kids are missing in todays computer society.

Most of all I love that BOTH of my boys play together with the Lego. They share, take turns, listen to the others ideas and generally cooperate with each other so it usually is a nice happy quiet time for both them and me....gotta love that!

This is what your stash pile looks like when all you have wanted for Birthdays and Christmas since you were six is LEGO. Ethan sorted out the boxes prior to finding all the pieces for his project, he has also decided to document the process on his lego blog so keep an eye out for his posts if you are interested.

Now pop over to Mrs P's for more FTF

PS My blogger is misbehaving terribly, I had to go back to the old editor for this post or I can't post at all and I use Bloglovin for my reader which is also playing up and telling me all of you have pornographic material in your blogs???? What the?? Is anyone else having problems? It is not just this computer, its the phone and iPad too. Anyone got any ideas?

Have a lovely weekend everyone, I'm planning too :-)


  1. I use WORDPRESS - no problems here! I think Blogger belongs to Google now, and they're changing over today to some new kind of integration of all their services, so maybe that's doing it. I'm proud as anything of Ethan for thumbing his nose at the teasing. People who tease other people for innocent things are people who are afraid, themselves, to love things or be openly happy - vulnerable - but you know good and well they're envious. That's why they can't let it go.

  2. Me too. Me too. I love Lego too. My son Ben built amazing things with his Lego until he was 16. He still has all of it and displays his favourite pieces in the house he shares with his girlfriend. He is 26. He is NO nerd. He just loves making shit.

  3. That could be our house! I am constantly stepping on, picking up, growling at Lego's!!! We have a huge thing full of them.

    Mr. C has a cool computer program that is a build Lego robots thingy.

    Lego's really are cool. I can remember my mom getting Lego's for my baby sis and playing with them. I loved them then and I love them now. We have the game you have, Creatonary or what ever it is called. We really like it!

  4. THE best invention ever: Lego! My son adored it, it was all he ever wanted. A brilliant, informative post.

    Don't seem to have problems with blogging today, long may it continue..............

  5. I love legos too. Actually one of our cats is named Lego .. my kids are grown now and we got rid of tons of legos. Now that there are grandkids, I'm wishing we'd kept them.

    I haven't been having blogger issues, just issues with internet connectivity.

  6. The stepping on stray Lego - I HATE that. Made me wince just reading it. It hurts SO! That is quite an impressive collection your boys have there. They look so very proud, and so they should for pursuing their interests in the face of those who would belittle them. Good on you for supporting your boys, and teaching them to not let anyone steal their passion.

    No Blogger issues here. Errr, actually, I haven't done anything on my blog - so maybe there *are* issues that I'm just not aware of. Definitely all sorts of changes going on though, as K said. Could be multiple fits for a spell.

  7. Ouch on the lego stepping! I knelt on a piece of lego once when I was at school and ended up with a little puncture in my knee from it!

    I can't believe your son is getting bullied for liking lego, it's amazing stuff! Good for your brain too, lego people are smart people, which your son certainly is for rising above it all :)

    I'm afraid I haven't got any help for you on the blogger issue. I use LiveWriter to write my posts so haven't used to in built editor for a long time, and I use google reader for my feeds so I've no idea why bloglovin' might be suddenly thinking that everything is so blue! Hope you manage to get it sorted out though!

  8. Yay for Lego!!! I loved this post, you really have thought of all the wonderful lego goodness there is . I have trouble making comments to your blog on my phone which is my main blog browsing tool. I have to wait till I'm on my computer which explains why I'm always a bit late in commenting. But no blogger problems as yet.

  9. I LOVE lego too!!! I just can't imagine why people who give flack about lego. It is so cool!!!
    If I won lotto I'd have a room totally dedicated to lego. I've had that dream since I was a kid. I just love lego. Thanks for all this awesome research. Brilliant!

  10. Blogger doesnt seem to be playing up for me (yet ) Hope you can get yours sorted. It could have something to do with all this whizz bang changes they have scheduled?

    OK onto Lego. Any toy that has lasted for as long as Lego has must be something great. I totally agree with you about it being a fantastic thing to play with to build cooperative play , use your imagination and to develop coordination and building skills. It's the perfect activity for kids (and look at all the cool stuff you can make out of Lego!)

    Those kids at school dont know what they're missing out on.

  11. Legos are one of the best toys (and much more than that) ever invented. As a retired educator, I've always been a great fan for all the problem solving and creativity that they provide. Your boys are very lucky to have such a great mom to encourage their endeavors.

  12. Poor Ethan! Lego rocks! My sons (8 and 15) are both crazy about it - you should have seen them at Christmas when the (40 yr old) uncle came to visit. You'd have thought they were all the age of the youngest... it was funny. I think I have a photo somewhere of it.

    Those kids at school who don't like Lego have obviously never played with it.

    Sorry you are having issues with Blogger. I've had issues trying to post on Blogger blogs for ages. I've had to invent other profiles just to post comments. Hope it all gets sorted out for you. That is frustrating! xx

  13. We have a heap of lego here and my son has made ships and planes and all sorts of stuff the problem is once it is made he won't let us take it apart so we have to find storage for all his masterpieces. So we have stopped buying it because we just don't have anywhere to put it any more. He's 11 and he still plays with the box of blocks at Nan's place that my husband had when he was a kid. My mum gave our lego away which still annoys me to this day.

  14. I love legos too! My daughter is obseesed with lego duplo, a bigger version for littler kids.
    Did you know the inventor didnt know the second meaning (gather) until many years later? I always just thought the whole thing was pretty cool! Great ftf.

  15. Lego is brilliant - my 3 boys still love it. It teaches maths, reading (the instructions) and creativity. There should be more of it!

  16. Oh I'm with you on the Lego obsession Jenni! We're just upgrading from the duplo stage in this house and I think I'm more excited about it than the big kid!


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