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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Beautiful Book

Recently this book was released and did a blog tour where various bloggers reviewed the book and offered up a copy for a giveaway.

I entered the giveaway over on Tiny Owl Knits blog as I am a follower of hers and have purchased way too many of her gorgeous patterns which are still sitting on my to do list.  I just couldn't resist, her patterns are so lovely.  Have you seen them?  POP over and have a look!   These are my little Hopsalots that I made in summer and have been waiting months to wear, they are so snugly and warm and they make me smile....

I was super lucky enough to win the giveaway.... 

What a beautiful book!!  Thank you so much Stephanie for the opportunity to enter the giveaway and the generosity of Taunton Press.

Here are some of the divine patterns in this lovely book by Jean Moss, British  Knitster and designer extraordinaire....

 Are they not beautiful knits?  I drooled over the whole book and it was such hard choice as to which shawlette to knit up first but I loved one from the start and so I am about to order some lovely Rowan Colourscape Chunky  and knit up this....

Hooray more short rows!

If you would like to see more of Jean Moss's book  'Sweet Shawlettes'  here is the link to her Picture Gallery,  just lovely! 

I have been busy driving this week but I did manage to finish the baby bonnet, modeled by Luke Bear.   It is so cute.... 

And bake some yummy Sourdough Wholemeal bread, which was so nice it only lasted 10 minutes before it was all gone....

Have a lovely weekend everyone,


  1. Ooooh.. I just love the bunny slippers and the bread smells good even from way over here! UI just bought some yeast for my little husband who is the bread maker in our family....waiting patiently. :-)

  2. Oh, you lucky duck! That book is wonderful! I love the Entralac shawlette and can't wait to see yours and what colours you've picked.
    Lovely baby hat and I especially love Luke's tartan waistcoat! That bread looks delicious too. Hope you're having a good weekend, Jenni. x

  3. Congratulations on winning!

    Have a good weekend yourself!! Pictures when you finish your shawl!!!

  4. That's looks like an awesome book, congrats for winning. I'm so looking forward to seeing your chunky shawlette.I've never seen anything like it. Luke the bear is very cute in the baby bonnet! I bet your bread was delicious!! There's nothing like home made bread!

  5. I could have sworn that I left a comment yesterday....
    Oh well, I still LOVE the bunnie slippers and the bread....I can almost smell it from way over here. I got my little husband (ther bread baker in our house) some yeast yesterday and am hoping to have some yummy bread of my own soon!

  6. Congratulations on winning what looks like an amazing book! I am going back to the link in a minute to see more of the stunning designs. Might even then get over to Amazon after that!! (And it'll be all YOUR fault). Bread looks delicious.

  7. LUCKY!! And I want bunny slippers. And someday I'm going to know what a short row IS.

  8. Oh there are some delicious pattern there! I love the over the shoulder tartan number - that would brighten up my wardrobe! I wonder if I would be a good way to use scraps? Longish ones....
    You are so lucky to win this great book!

  9. Lucky you! There's a great variety of shawls in there. I hope you get time to knit one or two, or three... ;-) Glad to see your breadmaking is coming along well!

  10. Is that knit PLAID???? Oh, I think I'm in love. With your first pick too. Wow!!!

    Lucky duck, you!

  11. Lucky you. That does look like a great book. Loving that weaved-look shawl. Ace!
    Great slippers too... and wow - 10mins for the bread hey... would have only been 8min if I was around!


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