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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I have caught the bug

Technology has taken over again and I am having a great time playing with Instagram and the new filter apps for my phone.  I have decided to journal my year in photographs and this application makes it so much fun.  I carry my phone everywhere these days as I use the camera all the time.  I hardly ever use my phone as a phone, just texting, FB and the camera.   And now Instgram!!

There are some lovely old Queenslander style buildings up in the Far North Tropics and I love photographing them, here is a sample of what I can do with a bit of fun photo editing on my phone...


all with just the touch on the screen....

i LOVE it!  Such fun! 

Want a peek at what I get up to in my daily grind? Come and join me, my moniker is Baamekniits of course  :-)


  1. Oooh, it is quite amazing, but I just can't go there....not yet! Can't afford another addiction! But, oh so happy that you are sharing yours!

  2. Instagram is lovely, I will look for you, I link all my photos to Twitter.

  3. Instagram is fun. Nice house photos!! I have another name because someone got in early and nabbed rachaeldaisy :( I can't remember what my name is now, that's how much I use it. I'll get on and follow you. Do you have peacocks?

  4. Darn it all ...I just downloaded this app and it's all your fault!

  5. I'm loving following all your instagram pics too. Wonderful. So nice to see a bit of sunny north QLD every day.

  6. I don't dare go near this app! It only spells trouble, but I look forward to seeing your year in photos. ; )

  7. Wicked pictures. One day I will get a fancy phone....
    Love the house, reminds me of home. In NZ we call this style a transitional villa or maybe a californian bungalow.
    I rather fancy living on one level again one day :)

  8. That last picture is awesome!!!


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