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Friday, April 6, 2012

My Gluten Free Sourdough experiment

I have been blocked from blogger for ages now and today it seems to be working so a long rambling and lots of photos from me if you care to read.

I have recently put myself onto a healthy eating plan and have consulted a Naturopath to help me get my wayward body back on track.  Too much rushing around and not eating properly combined with hormonal imbalances has taken its toll.  You can only reach for the quick fix of a sugar high for so long and my body has been telling me for a while that it is time to STOP and get back to being healthy. 

The turning point came about 6 weeks ago when I found that on getting out of bed in the mornings my feet were so sore and stiff that I was hobbling across the room and shuffling like an old person.  I am not an old person and this quite scared me so I gave myself a slap and got down to getting healthy again.

With in 3 days of stopping the sugar my feet started to show signs of improvement and now 5 weeks on I still have some inflammation in my feet but NOTHING like they were.  I still get tired because I am still rushing around but I am recovering quicker, I am starting to feel like I have more energy to spare.  Its a good feeling and I am welcoming it.  An added bonus is a slight weight loss.  I don't have a set of scales but my clothes are all feeling like they fit again and I no longer feel like a sausage tied in the middle and stuffed into a sack, and that's good too.   I am often amazed at how little things can compound and build to make us feel less that comfortable with ourselves and in reverse little things added together can also add to our sense of joy.  Often a slight mind shift can make all the difference to a day.  My Buddhist philosophy tells me this all the time  but I am only human so I too get into a rut and forget.

Anyway as part of my healthy eating plan I decided to have a go at making Sourdough, which I have done before but this time I wanted Gluten Free Sourdough.  So I made a 'starter'.  HERE is the Youtube link if you want to make some yourself and the webpage.   I just substituted gluten free flour for mine....

Cover and leave for 24 hrs at least, this step can take a few days depending of the temperature of your house.  Mine was ready for the next step in 24hrs as it is was pretty hot and humid when I made this.  See its looking yeasty....

Add more flour and water to feed the 'starter' , cover and leave overnight again....

Now we are really getting serious action....

Add more flour and water to feed the 'starter' again, cover and leave for another 24hrs....

Now look at this....

Success!  I halved the mixture which you need to do unless you want a whole house full of 'starter' and repeated the above process a few more times to make sure that I had a starter that was full of yeasty goodness.

Time to make the bread!!

HERE is the Youtube link for making the bread, and the webpage.

Get a clean bowl and your starter and lets go....

'Starter' about 2 cups....

add more flour, water, salt and sugar....

Look we have Dough!  Put it into a oiled bowl so it doesn't stick, cover and leave for 12 hrs....

Ready to see the loaf? ....

Waaaaahh....Not much difference I know, I was starting to get a bit worried at this stage but I continued on.  Knead the dough lightly and then put it into an oiled pan and leave covered for another 3 to 4 hours....

Now this has not risen AT ALL?  I don't know why but after a bit of research I have found out that Gluten Free dough does not really rise unless you add a rising agent.  Anyway I persevered and put the dough into a hot oven for about 1/2 hr and crossed my fingers....

WE HAVE SOURDOUGH!!    It didn't rise but I have to tell you it tasted YUMMY!  My boys ate 3 slices each and they chose to have it with lemon juice squeezed onto it as they don't like butter. They said it was delicious  :-)   It was very chewy and it is a lot heavier than your usual loaf of bread but I would have to say that it was a success.   Hooray!

I have changed my starter over to Rye flour now as I found that I couldn't get my head around eating the white loaf.   I am unable to get wholemeal gluten free flour here and as no one else in the family reacts to gluten and we all like Rye I thought I would see how I went with making sourdough from that.  Bad news is that once I changed my 'starter' over to Rye it turned up its toes and died on me.  Now I have to start all over again with making a new 'starter' so I will continue to buy my super expensive Rye bread for a bit longer.

I hope I haven't bored you to pieces, it has been rather a long post.  Lets hope Blogger behaves from now on.  Have a great weekend everyone   :-)


  1. Well done! Wow, it sounds like a HUGE process! How annoying that it died after trying to change it to rye. Next time you are in the big smoke you will have to stock up on wholemeal gluten free flour. Glad you're back, been missing your presence, silly blogger!

  2. Good Grief, you wouldn't want to be starving waiting for that dough to rise!My Irish friend used to make us sourdough bread but I found it was an acquired taste. I like the boys' idea of putting lemon on it though. Good attempt there and congrats on leaving all that sugar behind. I've promised myself the same thing....after Easter, of course!Always great to 'see' you Jenni. Happy Easter to you all.x

  3. Blogger seems to be doing all sorts of annoying things recently, from not allowing people to post, to not allowing people to comment! Switch to Wordpress. You'll be much happier.

    Poor you with the health issues. I've been experiencing similar things recently - decided that salad for lunch would be a much better option than bread, and am feeling (and looking) vastly better for it. I don't think bread and I agree. I don't think it's a wheat thing... more likely the additives they put into bread these days.

    Your bread experiment looked amazing. Good luck with the rye!

  4. Not boring at all! It's good to hear from you and your healthy ways. I didn't feed my starter and it died :( So I need to start again. I'd love to try a non-white flour sourdough!

  5. hardly boring, you silly thing. I want to hear every experiment. I didn't know you had problems with gluten. Only my baby boy does, which complicates Sunday dinner. But this was educational AND entertaining, and I am glad you are paying attention to health because I'd like to keep you around FOREVER.

  6. Oh maaaan! I am soo bad! I should be off sugar and yeast and and and AND I'VE NO SELF CONTROL!!!

    I am so addicted to sugar it is PATHETIC!

    I need to go to therapy I think. I honestly am addicted! I know this. I know it is bad for me...... I hate the muffin top that is growing larger unlike your sour dough bread....... I've a big loaf around my middle!

    This was a fun post. Good job and keep going! Who knows.... it just may inspire me to try........ Okay, it was a nice thought right? :)

  7. I had similar problems with my feet and somehow it just disappeared. Your bread making looks like quite some journey........

  8. Ciao bella, check out 'glutenfreegodessblogspot'
    Gluten free and she has lately been trying out some sugar free recipes.....

  9. Congrats on committing to health! I, as well, am working on getting healthier - definitely cutting down on the carbs, which I overdo most of the time. I'm losing weight and have more stamina when out walking, so all good! Your bread making patience is inspiring - fresh bread smells so good. And your boys don't like butter? This I can't imagine, as it's a favorite of mine, but they are certainly healthier for it.

  10. Totally forgot to leave a thank you for this post! This ended up to great fun for my daughter and I to explore into the world of gluten free bread making. We have created some lovely bread, and it does not stick around long! in fact the first loaf, I sliced a small piece just to test, and then it was gone!!! (We did choose rye ourselves as well!)


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