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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oh Sweet Baby

I saw this adorable little baby bonnet over at The Purl Bee and I knew that it would be the perfect present for my new nephew who is due to arrive in July.

Its a lovely construction of short rows, just like a sock and there is an icord edging that is knitted on.  Two styles of knitting that I really enjoy.

I have chosen a wool/cashmere blend that I am also making a baby blanket from, it is such a soft yarn.  Perfect for little babies.  I have finished the hat and now just have the icord edging to do, it looks so sweet!

Here is the matching blanket...

All snugly and soft.  My brother lives down south near Sydney so it will be cold when my nephew arrives and I think hand knitted wool is the perfect baby present don't you?

Enjoy your weekend, my males are outside splitting firewood.  It seems winter has started early this year!





  1. Sweet! Short rows are a mystery to me. But not a problem for you. THat winter of yours - we're still fighting the tail end of it here. Hoping it clears up before we have to drive again on Monday. You are one fine knitter, kiddo!

  2. That is so sweet. A lovely gift for your new nephew to be.
    I was so cold last night I wasn't sure whether it was the weather or I was coming down with something!

  3. That's just gorgeous! I'm almost wondering if I should change tack and knit a baby blanket for the new bubby on the way. I like the look of that pattern.

    I didn't know it got cold enough up your way for fires!

  4. Getting broody now.........
    (A bit late, methinks!).

    That looks a lovely pattern and the yarn sounds deliciously soft, just right for soft skin.

  5. Oh that is so sweet! Both the blanket and the hat. Perfect for new babies.

    Several of my nieces are having babies right now. I want one!!! I WANT ONE!!!! Sniffle.....

  6. Very cute! Still have trouble grasping that it is getting to be winter there ... I'm sure it will be loved and cherished.

  7. I love hand knitted gifts for babies. They always look beautiful and they can be kept and handed down . Gorgeous bonnet!

  8. What a cute bonnet!!! I bet it's so soft too. A hand knitted gift made by Auntie Jenni is the best gift!!

  9. I don't even know what short rows are, but that little bonnet is extremely sweet! Good for you and the baby!


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