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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Final Cut

Part 2 to the Steek.  A Photo laden post!

We left off with me just getting ready to cut the steek...

So here goes....

Half way...

And we now have a nice flat piece ready to encase the ends in a 'Steek Sandwich'....

First I pick up stitches along one edge....

 Then pick up the same number of stitches along the reverse edge....

A few rows of knitting on both sides and you have a little sandwich encasing all those cut ends, isn't that NEAT!...

Do the same to both sides, add a few buttons and Ta Dah, a new Headband!

I LOVE IT!!!  

Just perfect for us up here in the tropics where the mornings and evenings are crispy but the days are still fairly warm.  Just perfect for me with my hair that is getting longer and harder to contain in a hat  :-)

 I just had to share this photo taken by a fellow blogger over at Kiwiyarns Knits 
I think it just captures the love of yarn perfectly and of course that yarn is such a delicious could you resist?

Finally it is International Yarn Bombing Day on June the 9th this year.  I will leave you with a sneek peek at the preparations I have been doing....

It is going to be a lot of FUN!  Anyone going to join me?



  1. Your new headband is a perfect little swatch try-out before you start Blaithin! well done!! Tell me, is the sandwich dense and hard feeling with so many layers of yarn? I suppose I should give it a go myself to find out, but I'm being lazy...

  2. You clever, CLEVER girl! How neat is that (in every sense of the word). I am mega impressed at your skill and your gutsy determination to learn this...........

  3. That's very clever! I followed your link before to Kate Davies' blog - got very sidetracked reading her story and looking at her lovely patterns; what an amazing determined woman - but the whole idea of taking scissors to knitting feels all wrong! Looks great - maybe I should just 'face the fear' and give it a go! The yarn bombing sounds exciting - are you a solo 'bomber' or is there a group of you?? Look forward to seeing what you are making :-)

  4. I love your new headband , the pattern in really cool, it looks like it would be tricky to knit. Your bombing thing looks interesting... I'm curious to see what happens on Yarn Bombing day..

  5. I love your new headband. I'm still getting my head around you knitting it with circular needles, cutting it and then adding the sandwiches so that you can join it back together.

  6. Jenni, that is amazing...and you look so cute wearing it!
    Can Not wait to see what your yarn bombing looks like....hurry hurry hurry June 9th!

  7. Wow you are very brave with those scissors and that amazing headband. It looks awesome on and I love the pattern.m suits you well.

  8. You look great in it, Jen. But I have questions - picking up stitches is something that has always puzzled me. I thought I had to get the very outside ones, somehow - and I still never can figure it out. What do you pick up? Every row? How do you decide? But in encasing the ends of the steek, I see that you (as you said) have come a few rows in from the outside. Are you picking up stitches from every row? It doesn't look like you are. And once they are picked up, you take a free needle and your encasing yarn, then you work with the front stitches and knit them into a bit of a rectangle, then you start over with the back stitches and make another rectangle. Then you sew the rectangles together? Or do you act like you're working in the round around that end, using the double point needles kind of like you're making a sock, but you're making just some rows that you will then close?

    I'm not very good at all this. I make simple ponies - you seem to make frogs. How odd the work is coming off the needle - like the frog is forming itself by magic, literally growing out of the needle.

  9. Clever clever clever! And looks fab on you!

  10. You totally rock that headband. I cant pull one off no matter how hard I try!

  11. Hey! you did it!!!!! Wicked! It looks fantastic on your hair too. You made it look possible.... are you ready for something bigger now?

  12. I think I was clenching my teeth and squeezing my toes watching you cut!!!! And then..... it turned out....... AMAZING!!!!!

    Your headband looks fantastic!

    That yarn bomb looks like a frog. :D

  13. Love the headband!

    Steeks still scare me a bit, but that looks like a great way to hide the ends!

  14. I think I may be able to give that technique a try, seeing as someone else was courageous enough to try it first! I was nervous to see it done, now I am just intrigued, and inspired!

  15. For some reason your posts still aren't showing up on my roll with any regularity. So annoying!!

    LOVE your new headband, it has a bit of a scandinavian feel to it, perhaps that's just the red and white, but I do love it a lot! Very clever of you indeed to be knitting such fancy patterns together!

    Also, I'm intrigued by your yarn bombing... it looks like a gumnut. Are you going to be yarn bombing gumnuts? That would be awesome!!

  16. Your posts still aren't showing up in my roll with any regularity, so annoying!!

    I LOVE your new headband, it has a bit of a scandinavian feel to to, that may just be the red and white pattern but I do love it a lot! How clever of you to be knitting complicated patterns like that!

    I'm intrigued by your yarn bombing, it looks like a gumnut. Are you yarn bombing gumnuts?? That would be awesome!!


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