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Sunday, May 13, 2012

A New Skill

Last week I showed you the beautiful cardigan that Kate Davies designed. I love it and bought the pattern with all great intentions of making myself a beautiful Bláithín. Unfortunately the wool in the colours that I have chosen is not yet available online so I will have to wait a little while.

In the meantime I thought a little practice of colourwork and steeking would be prudent before I attempted to cut up the front of a whole cardigan so I went looking for inspiration for patterns to knit myself a headband. Nothing to large and enough colourwork to get some practice in.

I chose the yarn....

Knitted up a swatch! Yay me....

worked out the pattern....

and got started....

Only the border to go now....

And sewing in the ends, at least I only had a few....

Now the fun starts! I reinforced the Steek by crocheting along each edge of where I am going to cut the headband. Kate Davies has done a really easy to follow along tutorial over on her BLOG....

and close up....

Woo Hoo I did it!!

Stay tuned for my next post where I am actually going to cut up my knitting!

Have a lovely Mother's Day all you wonderful mums out there, even if you only have 'fur babies' I hope you are spoilt rotten!


  1. What? Cut up your knitting??? That just sounds scary...and it looks so pretty. I'm nervous.

  2. That is so clever! Love the colour choices.

  3. So very very fancy. Well done.

  4. You have such fun woolly adventures.

  5. Well done you on having a practice! I shall watch with interest on Blaithin! A small hint re colourwork - if you make sure you keep carrying your colours the same way (eg white on top, red underneath, or the other way round) it actually does help produce a very even look to the colours.

  6. Beautiful knitting!

    Happy Mother's Day to you too!
    xo xo

  7. Nerves of steel, Jenni....... Nerves of STEEL..... ;O)

  8. Geez, I was impressed with just the swatch. Then you gave a little explanation about what steeking is. (I'm nervous too!) And THEN I saw your colourwork. Oh my, it is stunning. Wow!

  9. Thats wonderful Jenni. Really clever clogs you!

    Im off to check out steeking!

  10. Very impressive.

  11. YOU DID A SWATCH!! I am always so impatient, I never do the groundwork - then I'm frustrated that I can't make things work. Yes, an idiot, I am. You are brave - and I'm thinking maybe, after the camel work is done, and the books are going and the horses ridden at least once, I might just try a headband my own self. There's a colorwork in the round book at Amazon I'm deeply tempted by. And Katie's site is gift to mankind. I'm excited.

  12. That turned out wonderfully!!! The cutting part freaks me out. Can I fast forward to the end? Or read the Cliff Notes? :D

  13. yahoo!!!! Can't wait for the cutting.... rather you than me!
    I heard a great interview on knitpicks this week with a woman who has written a book about fair isle and steeking and the like. I thought of you. The book sounds great. Can't even give you a link - but see if you can find it!

  14. I love how methodical you are about this project. Looking forward to seeing your steeking post ... Nail biter!


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