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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Smile


Here we are, two old farts sitting on the old bench out the front looking at the view.

Its our favourite place to sit at the end of the day and share a cuppa.

As you can see the old bench is just about on her last legs. Every time I sit down next to Billy I anticipate us both crashing to the floor in a heap because there is a big crack across two of the slats.

I have requested a swing seat for my birthday this year. I have been asking for one for over 12 years now but as this year is a special one for me I am hoping that I will get you like my chances?


  1. How often my little husband and I have sat just like hand on his leg...enjoying a view....or a drive.
    Good luck getting your new bench before someone gets their butt pinched!

    1. You and Rachel. We are going to have a stern talk when I get you here and sit your on your butts. Oh, wait.

  2. All I can see is a very together and handsome couple!What a perfect way to end the day. I think your chances of a new swing seat are excellent!I have one of those slatted benches - they're just as hopeless in Scotland as they are in Far North Queensland!Have a great week, Jenni. x

  3. Lovely happy photo :-) Fingers crossed for the new seat!!! xx

  4. It's so lovely you guys take time to sit for a while every day. A swing seat would be great, much better than falling on your b*ms. I wish you could still get the cool 60's swing chairs with big floral prints and fringing, i can see you on one of those.

  5. very nice picture. what a wonderful way to end the day! I too am hoping you'll get your new bench ..

  6. Great bench.
    Good luck with the swing chair.

  7. That's a lovely picture, and a very nice way to end each day. Fingers crossed for your new one.

  8. What a lovely photo. The ginger kitty has grown up fast!

  9. We have a bench like that too......... Hope you get your dream swing......

  10. I hope you get the swing set . It would be nice to sit out the front swinging away with a nice glass of wine in your hand !

    You totally do not look like old farts!

  11. I know you can get one, because I have one - so in my eyes, the chances are good. Now, if you can get B to believe as I believe - you're IN. I love it that you both sit at the end of the day. We don't do it, don't sit together and rest and review life. We should. If I had a cuppa at the end of the day, the day would never end for me - I'd be up all night working like a fiend and never sleep. But it sounds soothing when you write it. I love your faces.

  12. Years ago when Henny Penny was a newborn, I was laying out in the hammock with her. The SM got on with us and next thing we knew we were on the ground! Thankfully Henny Penny was in my arms but what a surprise! We still laugh about it. The thing busted on us!

    I think you'll get a swing. You could encourage the odds by having the bench have an 'accident'. :D Not that I would be so manipulative....... :D


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