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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dial M for Monster


How is this for a fantastic monster!

          Deadlyknitshade and her 'Dial M for Monster' 

Check out the links below for more about the btartbox project and more photos of 'Dial M for Monster'. Deadlyknitshade, Lauren O'Farrell's brilliant monster.  If you are in London you can go and see him at the Trafalgar Square roundabout until mid July.

and who is Deadlyknitshade???



  1. That's so cute! (and I thought monsters were supposed to be scary !)

  2. I was almost too scared to look at this post but I'm glad I did. I love your crazy creative knitter posts!! It's amazing what people can make with a couple of sticks, some wool and an creative imagination.

  3. The red one looks like the Tardis. Chaz would be delighted. Now I'm going to look at the links. I don't know what's been eating my life, but here I am after midnight, finally trying to catch up with my dear ones. I spent four hours this morning getting the barn ready for hay, fixing the fences, tractoring the arena and chatting with the wonderful man who sold me my tiny place - all before breakfast, which I had mid-afternoon. And there will be no hay soon, because the only rain we've had in the last 38 days chose the day the hay was down and ready to bale.

    Life is so simple -


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