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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Lionheart Project

How  is this for an Olympic sized project!

Three giant woolly lions created by Leicestershire artist Shauna Richardson have been put on display at Chatsworth House.

The giant beasts have been created by Shauna, of Stoughton, to help spur the Olympic athletes and The Lionheart Project sculptures will be on public display in their 52ft-long (16-metre) illuminated glass case at Chatsworth in front of the Bastion Wall until June 10, when they embark on a tour of the East Midlands before arriving at the Natural History Museum in London in time for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

You can read all about Shauna's work here

What an amazing achievement!



  1. People and their imaginations are just amazing.

  2. Wow! People are so talented!!!!

  3. Incredible what people come up with!

  4. Oh - they look so lonely there in the dark. I'm going to get a closer look. You find the most interesting stuff, ever -

  5. Wow. Went to the site. Holy cats, if you will pardon the expression.


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