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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Doldrums....

Hello everyone, I am still here.  It has been ages since I blogged and I just wanted to let you know that I am fine and nothing awful has happened to us over in this neck of the woods.

I have a bad case of ' bloggers block'.  I just cant seem to bring myself to sit at the computer and write although I have been busy doing things and taking photos.  

It started with some sad news and it has taken me a while to get my mojo back.  I had to have my little mate Squirrel put down.  

He developed asthma and was not responding to the treatment which meant he was suffering so I had to make the hard decision about what was best for him.  It was awful, and I am still pretty upset.  I have other horses but he was my special mate and we played together. He was so cheeky and full of fun.

We are all missing him.

On a lighter note....Remember Lucy?  Well she has been visiting with bj over in Texas.  How much fun is that.  Pop over to Lucy's Blog and see what she has been getting up to.

In today's world of modern technology and fast internet it is often taken for granted the access we have to the World Wide Web, unfortunately for some of us who chose to live remotely (and we are not really what you call remote by a long stretch) this service is often challenging to say the least.  We are still on a satellite so speed is not much faster than the old dial up.  Next week we are lucky enough to be able to connect up with the National Broadband Network that has been rolled out across Australia.  Before I get to excited we will still be on satellite, but hopefully a bit faster than we are right now.  That is another reason for my lack of blogging, I just cant connect, I say a little prayer to the IT gods and hope that it works.  Most of the time it doesn't and then if it does it is so slow that catching up in my reader takes all evening.  If I have been neglecting you I am sorry, it is not intentional.....hopefully the new speed will make things easier for us in the bush.

I have been active over on my Instagram account which is run on the mobile network, it has been lovely to be able to load photos and comments without any delay so if you want to see what I have been creating lately come and look me up there as Baamekniits.

Thanks to the folks who sent me emails to check if I was OK, we do start to worry if things are quiet don't we, I was touched.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and fingers crossed my connections will be faster after next week.



  1. OH Jenni,
    It is hard to lose a friend, and to lose a horse friend is hell. Every now and again I will smell something that takes me right back to a summer afternoon on horseback and I will miss my friend all over agin. I hope you have some awesome memories to enjoy in time.

    1. Oh,odd - the only way I could comment was to hit the "reply" under jodie. And I have to say that I have been thinking of you over and over again these last two weeks. I kept meaning to post and ask if all was good - but things have been quick and a little difficult here; I was going to write you Friday, actually, because I thought I was going to have to put my beautiful Dustin down and I knew you'd know what it meant to me. I had no idea it was happening to you, too. In the end, his problem turned out to be an abscess - a remarkable deliverance for us. I am deeply sorry about your buddy. But what choice do we have when there is such pain and desperate discomfort that cannot be addressed? The right thing is not necessarily the easy thing or the satisfying thing - so often it is the impossible thing, the unconscionable thing. I wish I had been there to help you through it. I truly do.

      And I wish I'd written when I thought about it instead of disappearing into my own confusion. And really, it seems that almost one all of us have had the same bloggers block.

      Many kisses.

  2. Jenni I'm so sorry to hear about Squirrel.
    Glad to hear you are ok though, and I hope the NBN will be much faster for you, it is very frustrating when the internet is patchy and so slow.

  3. Such sad news from you Jenni: that photo of the boys, your hubby and horse is one of my favourites of all time on your blog.

  4. So sorry to hear about Squirrel. The pictures are lovely. I get what you're saying about internet connection. I'm on vacation in a remote area where we sometimes don't have cell phone service. what year is it again???

  5. Good to hear you are ok-well more or less.Hope your new connection works.

  6. Was wondering where you'd got to! So very sorry about your beautiful friend - he was obviously very well loved. Hope the pain of his loss gets better for all of you soon. x

  7. Oh my. Jenni that is so devastating about Squirrel. My heart lurched as I read about your decision and I just know how awfully hard that was for you. So very hard. My thoughts are with you as your mourn the passing of your very special and dear friend.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about Squirrel. My heart goes out to you all!!! It's fair enough to take breaks from blogging, its a fun thing not a chore. I always enjoy seeing what little Lucy is up to on her travels.

  9. I have been missing you and am so very sorry for your sadness. Sometimes it may be a good thing that our life is being lived - it just isn't 'newsworthy' perhaps, so, a blogging break.
    But don't take a break when you need us to be there for you and share your sadness...thanks for telling us so we can share.
    Happy Trails, and breathe freely!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss Jen. The kindest act is not always the happiest one. I send you warm hugs and my love. x

    On the internet front... I have been there. It is incredibly frustrating. Hope your switch over helps.

  11. So sorry to hear of the loss of your beautiful squirrel. How very sad for you and your family to lose such a lovely family member. My thoughts are with you.

  12. Just coming back into the blogging world after a hiatus myself.

    Blessings for you and yours as you heal from the loss of a dear friend. You will always carry the best of him with you!

    I am excited for your improved internet connection, and hope that it is completed smoothly! I sill live where only dial-up happens. Good thing I can use my cell phone as a slave for internet access!

    I love your Instargram shares as well!


  13. Good to see you are well. I'm sorry again for your loss this summer. It's been one of those summers!!!

    Glad to see you up and blogging again!

  14. Oh, Jenni. That is such a difficult goodbye. There is something so large about the loss of an equine friend. And having other horses, much as we love them, does not fill the hole that is left.

    That last photo, I remember it from before. Such a beautiful photo. A beautiful family. A beautiful horse.

    I'm so sorry for you loss.

    Sending big hugs...


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