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Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's been a while....

Yes I have had a bloggy holiday and its been lovely.  

To tell you the truth I am finding that it has been nice not to be sitting in front of my computer so much.  Life moves on and we get busy doing different things and sometime we need a little holiday.

I am doing less of everything I was doing before and more driving but I am taking those little moments of quiet and claiming them as my own.

I just thought I would pop in and show you the progress of my swing seat, remember this?

My lovely hubby got himself busy during our dry winter and finished of the framework that was needed to hang my chair!  I did say I wanted it for my birthday and he took me at my word (my birthday is in about 2 weeks).  It has been totally worth the 12yr wait for this and to be honest if we had done it sooner I don't think we would have picked such a nice place to hang it.

Here is a little photo journal of the building process....

 Logs were cut....

 They were so heavy the neighbour had to come and help lift them with his tractor....

 Posts are in, it's almost as big as the Colosseum!!

Beams added....

and reinforced....

The boys helped too....

And the seat was hung!!!

The cousins were visiting so we got the boys to do a test run....

Then mum....

And finally Billy was able to sit and enjoy all his hard work...   :-)

I have named this the 'Serenity Seat' and one by one we have all fallen victim to her charms....

Victim 1.  Look closely and you can see Ethan's arm hanging down in front of the chair, its the perfect length for the boys to lie on....

  Victim 2. ....

 Victim 3. ....

This one seems to think he owns the seat...

If its quiet I know where I can find the boys....

 Victim 4.  The seat had to wait for this weekend to claim this one....

As for me?  I'm no victim, it was love at first sight!  I can't tell you how calm and peaceful it is out on my seat, the perfect place for a little me time.  Ahhhh... sweet Serenity

And here is someone else new who came to stay at our house just before the holidays.  Her name is Tess and she is adorable too   :-)


  1. I finally got around to come visit your blog, after following you on Instagram for a while :) I LOVE Australia and I absolutely love your pictures from your beautful nature. I´d also love to sit in your serenity seat, looks really comfy :) I´ll have to show my husband these pictures and ask him to build a similar swing in our backyard. We don´t have your view though...

  2. I was going to make a joke about handsome men in overalls and their huge power tools but thought better of it!!!Your Serenity Seat is just you, Jen - a lovely birthday present too.It's also a prime target for some yarnbombing,methinks!lol
    The new addition to the family is totally adorable - bet she gets spoilt rotten.
    Great to 'see' you around and you're right about having a blogging break.
    Our harvest season this year is very late on account of all the rain at the beginning and during the summer. Some of the wheat and barley crops have developed fungi with the wet so are confined to the heap. A bad year for farmers here.

  3. Wow, Jenni, that is an amazing creation! Amazing. Oh, the dreams you will dream and the peace you will find and the beauty you will create while you swing there.
    So happy to hear that you are happy and well as you enter your season of rebirth down there.

  4. Thank goodness for instagram hey! It is great to see the photos all at once in order though. I'm sure the swing will get heaps of use over the holidays. You'll be glad when holidays are over so you can have it back I think by the looks of those pictures! All you need now is a laptop and wireless internet and you can blog from serenity!

  5. LOVE that swing. I suspect I'd completely fall under it's spell too . I could probably be found having a wee nanna nap on it quite often!

  6. Ohhh! A PUPPY!!! Sweet Tess!

    I love your swing!! What a great birthday gift. Happy Birthday!!!

    We had a swing growing up on our porch. I spent a lot of time on that swing. Like your boys, it was the perfect length to take a nice little nap on. I know my mom found peace and serenity on that swing too because at the end of the day she'd take a moment to sit and put her feet up for a bit.

    I'm glad you finally got your swing and it looks awesome!

  7. Oh my! That is the best seat ever. The serenity seat - perfect. Love it.

  8. Definitely worth a blog.
    Gawd Girl.
    you are a romantic!

  9. May I please take a nap out there on the seat? Just a little nap? It's so lovely and deep and high, and swings so clean - maybe twenty minutes'? It's wonderful to see you look so quiet yourself. I love the shot of you and Billy -

  10. Oh wow!!That's one impressive swing chair! And what a cutie Tess is. What is she...staffie?

  11. You lucky girl! What an amazing gift.

  12. Oh my! How b****dy amazing is THAT??? Built to last - just wonderful.

  13. My jaw is on the floor. Your swing is FAB, and your views! Oh my. Such scenery. I am soothed just looking at photos of it. It must be divine to SWING, rest, and gaze at all of that beauty.

    Laughed so hard at the kitty claiming ownership photo.

    And the puppy! So adorable.


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