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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Olek - Cult Street Artist

 Check out the great work of International Yarn Bomber Olek and read about her fundraising mission below.  

Olek you are my Hero!

 Samsung teams up with cult street artist and international yarnbomber Olek. Taking a creative taxi on a tour of Britain, Olek leaves a trail of her signature neon crochet at landmarks across the country.

The sad thing is that anyone of us could find ourselves in the same situation as Olek, it just goes to show how much still needs changing in our world. Read Olek's story here and there are links from her site if you would like to donate to her cause.

OLEK REEL 2011-2012 from olek on Vimeo.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Wool Week

Yes its Wool Week and I am passionate about wool. 

I thought I would share a quick tutorial on a really cute way to jazz up your wool sweaters that you have in your cupboard or like me you got from the Op Shop.

 First you need a wool sweater....

and some felting supplies... 

-Wool roving, 
-foam block for felting onto, 
-needle felting needle and holder (if you have one, you    don't need it but it does hold a few needles at once so it  makes the process a bit quicker), 
-any cookie cutter shape you like.

 Step One.  Put on your sweater and mark with pins where the bend in the elbow is....

Step Two.  Insert the foam block inside the sleeve so you have something soft to push the needle into and place cookie cutter over the elbow where you have marked with the pins....

Step Three.  Place pins all around the outside edge of the cookie cutter to help hold it in place whilst you are felting....

 Step Four.  Take some roving and a sharp needle felting needle and begin pushing the roving onto the sweater with the needle felting needle.  


I have a holder which holds  5 needles at the same time so I used that to start me off,  you just need it to get the roving 'stuck' to your sweater, its not essential.  You can work with one needle and get the same effect it just takes a little longer....

Keep going until you have filled in your shape and have good coverage....

Step Five.  Remove the cookie cutter and neaten up any wonky or thin edges. Just use a single needle to do this, you have more control of the effect....


My sweater was particularly  thin on one elbow.  I had to reinforce it with some grey roving after I had made my yellow heart because it was starting to get a hole at the top of the heart. 
There are endless possibilities as to what you can do and wool is very forgiving....

See you cant even see a difference!  

Finally give your new sweater a good block with steam, you can just hold your iron a few centimeters away from the wool to do this.  It plumps up all the wool and hides all the needle felting marks.

This is my go-to Yoga sweater now, I love the sunny hearts on my elbows.  Its changed the whole sweater from boring..... to WOW!!!

Looks like I am not the only one inspired by Wool Week....

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


That is the word that comes to mind as I work with this gorgeous yarn!  I helped a friend destash and unfortunately the label has been lost so I can't let you know what it is, but I do know its a Merino/Silk mix and its lovely. My favourite colours too.

 The pattern is the new Ironwork Shawl by  Tara Miller in Interweave Knits Spring 2012, perfect for the slipperiness of silk.

Joining in with the yarn along this week and reading the second in the series about Woody Creek by Joy Dettman.  If you want a read that is really Australian then this is it.  I started the series about a month ago and I can't put it down. I have the third in the series of four on the waiting list from the library and Ive almost finished this one so I hope I don't have to wait too long.