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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Its Wovember

Time is slipping away from me again and its been a while between posts.  Why is life so fast these days?  What is the rush?  I wish I could go back in time a bit and slow it all down.  I sometimes feel like I'm on a giant slippery slide with me just whooshing down it and life rushing past in a blur....

I made this felted Mo for Movember and I made it out of wool because it is also Wovember.  Remember Wovember?  Its all about Wool!  
Real Wool comes from Real Sheep... I love it!

Here is the link for Wovember, pop over and read all the great articles all about Wool.  Where it comes from, how its processed, what wool different breeds produce.  Lots and lots of great information and some fabulous photos too.

I just looked back through my photos for October and I have been doing a lot.  
I seem to post more on Instagram these days and find I am keeping a visual diary rather than a bloggy one.  Good news is that Instagram is now on the web and you can join in on your computer should you choose too.  Here is the link if you would like to check me out!  Baamekniits on Instagram.

I will leave you with a little taste of what has been happening here in the Tropics of Far North Queensland on our little hobby farm  

Happy days....

Serenity Seat with Meggsie, its a bit of a ritual with the two of us now...

 Tess getting a cuddle from her favourite man...

 Then she discovered Meggsie in her yard...

I yarnbombed the Bikini Tree for the Folk Festival again this year...

I also awarded ribbons to the winners at a local Cutting Competition...

Mother hen hatched her babies...

I just adore baby chicks...

Monty and I went riding, a number of times...

The Jacaranda's have been blooming...

Storms are brewing...

Zues our male stud Jack Russell came to live with us full time.  So now we are three (and Petal is pregnant)...

 The boys have been sewing...

Kitty, Sew cute!!...

Best of all we have a new calf.  Dierdre had no trouble this year and has calved a lovely bull calf...

 Meeting the equine gang...

His name is Casper.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  
I am hopeful that the rest of this month will let me have a bit of a breather but we all know what is looming just around the corner so I think a rest is wishful thinking....


  1. Love all your photos and updates Jenni! Especially that Mo heheheh.

  2. Ooooh, that jacaranda tree! How beautiful is that tree full of purple?!?!?!?
    And the brand new baby Casper. It's funny that is his name. Here Casper is a friendly ghost in kids books.
    Happy to see your part of the world and your swell life!

  3. You live in a most beautiful part of the world, Jen and if I wasn't such a coward and could sit on a plane for 24 hours, I might be tempted to visit!That, you can safely assume, will NEVER happen! I can't even do the plane journey from here to London and that's only an hour in the air! Such a woos, I am.
    Great catching up - you've all been busy! Loving 'Kitty' - clever boy :-)

  4. Love all the beautiful photos of your busy goings-on...AND thank you for sharing the link for Wovember. :)

  5. Love the mo!!! Thanks for the fab photos, they are like a little sneak peep into your days, just lovely.

  6. I know... time is whooshing past here too!!!
    Love all your pics - especially your woolly moustache.

  7. Well lady you HAVE been busy!! I just love new babies in all their forms. Well, not reptilian slithery babies....

    As the kids get older we get busier. It is just how it goes. Grrr.

  8. Ach - I still come to your bloggy bit, girl - it's part of my life-rhythm. And the pictures are great. The sewn kitty is just as cute as the real life calf. The mustache is hilarious. You are lovely. And if what you have is a hobby farm, I wonder what you'd call mine? Maybe you'd just identify it by the level of laugh -

  9. Oooh, that purple jacaranda tree. How much fun would that be in a yard? A mustache, a bikini tree, a handful of chicks...would that be called a clutch? You and your life look happy.

  10. Life is moving pretty fast in this neck of the woods too.

    Way to go Jenni for “growing” your own moustache for Movember. I’ve given up my upper lip waxing in support of this month so I’ll probably have a better mo than Mr. P by the end.

    I still haven’t really worked Instagram out ...and have been Pinterest-ing my little heart out instead.

    Those little chicken babies are so cute! Ive been seriously contemplating getting some chickens here but decided since we have bird dogs that probably isn’t the smartest plan!

  11. I'm loving your pictures on IG. It's great for keeping a visual diary of day to day things. It's nice though to be able to expand a bit more through a blog though :) xx

  12. What a lovely post. :-) I love those chickies! Sooo cute!!

  13. Great catching up with all your news - I love the Jacaranda tree - was there one of those in 'The Thorn Birds'?For some reason, whenever I hear that name, I immediately think of Richard Chamberlain in a frock!Maybe it's just me!lol
    Love 'Kitty' - very Picasso-esque. x

  14. Oh how I know what you mean about how quickly life is going. It seems hopeless when I think of getting my blog caught up. And somehow, I don't even *want* to. Too tired. But YOU, you've done a wonderful job of sharing lovely little bits and pieces of your beautiful world.


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