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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Solar Eclipse

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be in the area of the Solar Eclipse.  Unfortunately we live behind a hill and as the eclipse was just after sunrise I decided that we would watch from home instead of driving to a flat place for a better view.  My youngest has been brewing a bug and getting up super early and standing out in the cold and wet probably wasn't worth the risk even for a Solar Eclipse.  We also watched the webcam that had been set up on the coast so the boys still got a pretty good idea of what was going on.

Here is how it changed our place....

 It was quite eerie at the moment of full eclipse.  It went quiet and still and it was a strange light.  My baby chicks put themselves back to bed but the other animals didn't seem too bothered by it.  It only lasted two minutes and then the light slowly came back.  It was actually darker here after the eclipse than before because of the cloud cover.

I finished a Doily rug that had been sitting in the WIP pile for a while.  This one is a bamboo/wool yarn and its about 30 √≠nches across.  I really like this pattern, its a fun crochet.  Its called Willow by Lisa at Goodknits  you can find the pattern here.

This one was also in the pile but its the one I'm making for myself.  I had almost finished it by the time we left the pool yesterday but I ran out of yarn with only 6 shells to go!!  I have ripped back four rows and am crocheting at a tighter tension and hopefully that will free up the small amount of yarn I need to finish. Keep your fingers crossed for me...  
This one is much bigger and I am using a super snuggly cotton blend.  Can't wait to be able to snuggle in my chair with this lap rug.


  1. Yes, Solar Eclipses are spooky. I remember our last one, it was like the world stood still!
    Those doily rugs are beautiful! I wouldn't let anyone stand on them!

  2. It was so overcast in the Blue Mountains I didn't notice anything but still just knowing there was an eclipse is kinda fun. Lovely doilies, the rainbow one is very cool!

  3. You made pretty colors and warm and snuggly! And you were at the POOL! Still gives me a bit of a start to read things from you when the seasons are seriously into their opposite selves....we just got out from under a blizzard that closed the schools for 2 weeks!

  4. lovely. you called the first one a rug and the second one a lap rug. will the first one be a lap rug as well, or will it sit on top of something .. I can't imagine it on the floor.

  5. The eclipse wasn't as spectacular here, it darkened a little bit, but seemed more like a cloud covering the sun.
    Isn't that annoying when you run out of yarn just a little short of the end. Fingers crossed for you.

  6. Your rugs look great!It was actually a sunny day here in NZ for the eclipse. We got a piece of paper and put a hole in it, and saw the eclipse through that (shining on to another piece of paper held under it). Fascinating!

  7. What an experience that eclipse must have been. Funny how it affects so much more than just the level of light - the quiet and quality of the light, I mean. And that is one happy, colourful doily rug! Did your tension trick work out? And you second project looks beautiful. I LOVE working with snuggly soft cotton.

  8. So, I remember the odd feeling you get during an eclipse - though it's been a long time ago for our part of the planet. Sometimes, when there's been a fire or something, the light gets very weird here. I remember once this year, Rachel and I having to run outside to try and understand why it felt so weird out. Never did find out. The light in our lives - its position, angle to our eyes vs. time of day - I think there's way more to it biologically than we know. They think that those kind of light clues are what triggers a mare's seasons. What else do we not quite understand yet?


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