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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is our 12th wedding anniversary, how amazing is that!  What a lucky number day this is.  My brother and his family are up here for a holiday so Billy and I are taking advantage and leaving the boys with Uncle Ian and escaping to Cairns for the day for a new tattoo and a dinner date.

I hope you have a lovely 12/12/12 too   :-)


  1. hey gorgeous, have a fab day of celebration...all the 12ves!! Still the 11th here, going to bed now, when I wake up I will be able to read all about your day and you will be pooped having just lived it!!


    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. How perfect it all of that? Happy happy anniversary and many more!

  3. What a beautiful photo of you both! Congratulations on your twelve years and here's to sooooooooooo many more.

  4. Congratulations Jenni. Hope you had a fabulous day.

  5. Congratulations Jenni and Billy. this is indeed a very special day.

    I want to see pictures of the new tattoo!

  6. Congratulations! I hope you had a wonderful day together. x

  7. 12 years? Still a novice then?lol
    Beautiful wedding pic - love your outfit and your parasol.
    Happy Anniversary to you both.A very special date indeed.x

  8. Okay, that it was your anniversary on 12/12/12 was totally cool, but that it was your 12th anniversary too? Magic. I love the photo; you two look so beautiful and happy. And you had a parasol!

    Happy (belated) anniversary!

  9. The photo is wonderful - and what a strange and wonderful day, with all its numbers. You look gorgeous, gorgeous!


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