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Monday, December 31, 2012

Annus Horribilis

It is almost 2013 and I have to say I am not sorry to see the end of 2012.  It has been a tough year for us.  There have been a few highlights but generally it has not been a good year.  Business has just limped along and the financial problems have overshadowed the whole year.  I have tried to stay in the moment but it has been a challenge.  

It has meant that the lows have left me feeling drained and struggling to keep up a positive outlook.  I have felt that I am letting everyone down because I am usually the driving force in the family.  Everyone seems to look to me for direction and some days that has been too much responsibility.

My whole system is out of whack and the energy of this year has at times left me really low.  My blogging has probably suffered the most.  I have taken lots of photos but just haven't had the energy to transcribe that into a post.  Instagram was joined in April and I have found support from that community and have shared there instead of my blog.

I am unsure of my direction in 2013?  I do feel that it will be a better year so we shall see.  I am not going to put pressure on myself and say I will blog more often.  I am hoping that will be a natural progression as the year unfolds.

So as our beautiful Queen said a few years ago, it was 'Annus Horribilis' !!

Goodbye 2012!    Here is my year in photos ....

Welcome 2013!

Happy New Year to you, I hope 2013 is good for us all.

Love and Blessings


  1. Here's a big cheers to you Jenni. Your posts always make me smile. Even this sobering one. The photos are full of life even though yours has been bigger than big this year. The very best to you for next year.


  2. I'm sorry to hear that. Here's to a better 2013, whatever it may bring.
    loads of love

  3. Sorry to hear you had such a crap year, my fingers are crossed for a much better and happier 2013.

  4. Think there are a few of us that will be glad to say goodbye to 2012! Wishing you all the best for a happier, healthy and brighter 2013. xx

  5. Letting go is so healing and remember that 2013 should be about joy and peace ... may you have both in the new year.

  6. Take heart, Dearest Jenni, you got through it. Blogging isn't the be-all and end-all so don't feel pressurised into posting, though we would all surely miss you if you gave up completely.
    Poor Lucy's hiatus in Scotland has been held up because of recent events here but as soon as I can, I will try and do something with her which is fun-related at the very least. We're missing all the fun tonight because no-one is in a party mood but I wish You and Your Lovely Family all the very best for 2013 and Lang May Yer Lum Reek (aka 'good luck to you always'!).xxxx

  7. Here's to a happier new year! Beginnings are always full of hope.

  8. Despite what you say Jenni, I have only seen the fun positive you on Instagram - so glad we have met and can interact there - just look at those smiles and a year full of colour you've had :)

    I hope this year feels better for you and that you & your family go from strength to strength :)

  9. So sorry to hear you had a rotten 2012. Here's hoping that 2013 will bring you properity. It can be such a worry when there aren't enough funds coming in. It takes your focus away from enjoying life.

    Here's hoping you'll find your chi x

  10. Hoping for, and wishing you the very best of years Jenni.....

  11. Lots of lovely projects going on at your house last year Jenni.

    Im sorry that 2012 was not such a good year for you and Im sending every positive thought I have your way for a bright and wonderful new year.

    Sometimes its hard to be the rock isnt it.

  12. Dear one - you have done exactly the opposite of letting me down. You have been there for me at every turn, and at the hardest moments. You remember me, send me strength, and delight me with your humor and your great heart. It's not like I've been writing much these last months, and remember - I'm a writer; it's what I do, who I am. If a person who can't help writing can't seem to do it, the whole world is in trouble, jah?

    We are all tired. I'm not sure what's going on in the universe, but our business has slowed down almost to a stop, and I lose sleep over the future. But the net of good will and mutual support we have built has real, serious value - and I will tell you that it has upheld me in these last months when lying flat on the floor was the highest point of my day otherwise.

    Blogging is just touching hands. Sometimes you can do it and sometimes you can't. It's not a responsibility. You know, it used to be we just kept in touch with people who'd be our best friends if they were only living close enough by sending a card once a year. So anything you write that's not a once a year card is a windfall to me.

  13. 2013 signals a new cycle in the Chinese calendar. It will bring a more stable climate and greater chances of success to many of us. The last three years have not been great for so many, including me, and I have a fairly good idea of how you have been feeling. 2013 will be better for you and your family. I am sure of it!

    And as for blogging. It should not be a burden. As others have already said, it's a joy to hear from you when you write. My only concern at your silences is that you are ok!

  14. Wishing you all the best for the New Year! 2012 was crap for me too, so I am really hoping, fingers crossed tightly 2013 will be a much better year.

  15. Just to wish you all the best for the New Year and please do keep blogging! Last year was difficult for me too, finances have been (and continue to be) a source of sleepless nights and we lost someone very close far too soon but the support I've found through finding friends through blogging and IG has been tremendous. We may have not met in person but I'm rooting for you and your family! Hoping 2013 will be a great year for us all x


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