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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Sock Walk of Shame

Last year I bravely stated that was going to make socks!  Not just one pair but 12!  What was I thinking?  I think too much Christmas cheer must have been around!

I jumped right in and joined in with a Mystery Knit-a-Long for a beautiful pair of socks.  I was going great guns and even whipped up two at a time to avoid the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome.  And then school started and that's as far as I got. The socks are beautiful and unfortunately they call for a lot of concentration so I just never got back to getting into the groove.  Then Tinky chewed thru the yarn and I threw them into the corner and left them for later....much later it would seem!

Throughout the year I have started a couple of other pairs of socks in an attempt to reach my goal only for each pair to sadly meet the fate of the first pair, chucked into the corner and put to the back of my mind. Gone but not forgotten.... One I knit in the wrong gauge and never realised until I had finished the first sock.  The second I made as a mismatched stripy pair thinking it would be easier if I wasn't following a pattern BUT I forgot about all those ends didn't I!

So here is the Sock Walk of Shame in all its glory. 

***Note that I have a fairly small foot so  my sock photos seem to make the socks look really odd.  Trust me they do fit perfectly....

Soooooo this year I plan to finish these pairs of socks.  THEN learn to knit socks with confidence, two at a time and finish them.  I like one idea I heard (The Shy Lion) but not mentioning any names.... knit different socks in the same colour, that way SSS never strikes  :-)

Have you made any New Year Resolutions this year?