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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Rambo!

Who is Rambo you might ask??

He is the Big Merino!  A landmark and local icon of the town Goulburn in NSW, Australia, that is celebrating its 150th Birthday.

Look what the Knitters Guild of NSW made him for his birthday present....

Here is the article in the local paper with all the information about his scarf.  

Isn't he fabulous and handsome in his new birthday present!


  1. That's one BIG scarf! Happy Birthday Rambo.

  2. That is one big Rambo! Is he stonework?Looks mighty heavy. Love the scarf. Hope you're well. x

  3. What fun! Did you get to help make the scarf?

  4. Is he a great rock that's been shaped? What IS he?


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